Gary Holloway Ripoff Shanghai

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This heartless person invests your money in products that pay him 10% of the money you invest, then he waits a few months and gets you to change the investment to a different one.He doesn't tell you that you will pay another 5% of whats left in surrender fees.

He then picks another product for you that earns him another 10%. ie, you start with 100k, 10k to him leaves 90k, 5% surrender fee leaves 95.5k, switched to a different product with another 10% to Holloway leaves you with $86,450 from your 100k in about 4 months. He should be exposed as the crook that he is and thrown out of China.

He has done this to scores of innocent punters and for a number of years here in Shanhai.He used to work for Devere, need I say more!!!



sounds like an absolute ***


I don't know this Gary person, but I think he's guilty.I of course base this on nothing other than the comments on here which seem pretty conclusive to me.

To summarize, he's clearly a mis-seller, 6'3" 230lbs with a 52 inch waist and from Texas, has a solid GPA, loves a load fund and cow-tipping and has a penchant for girls in Vaggy skirts, structured notes that pay massive rips, holidays in I-Ran and I-Rack, the Petrodollar and Orio Cookies. He's a charmer, shyster, a choad, a D-Bag, an innocent, a blerk smerker, he oils people up to slip ETF's inside them and bills them by the hour. He knows a far bit about Shoemaker-Levy 9, pink sheets, the Islamic state and rainbow. There are many things he does not believe, such as “that” in that in the workplace, however Nigel Green taking 63% rips is not one of them.

He loves A Levels, OWO, CIM, GFE, Bareback, Watersports and Cappuccino (don’t we all) in addition to hot lunches, He doesn’t trust banks, sniffs Tip-ex and glue, disagreed with the whole Tiananmen confusion as well as China’s love of North Korea. He speaks French, loves Disney films, knows a bit of physics, drives a 1972 Cortina that can achieve speeds up to 100mph whilst running on 2 star leaded petrol, understands Nigerian scams, got passed around at public school and done with a chicken necks. He likes a good beat-em-up arcade game, believes in freedom, hates this site, got dumped by a client for losing all his money, gambles and has greasy...

Additionally we are told that he sux cox n dix whilst being heavily regulated by the life companies and Montpelier’s internal requirements and was one of the 1% that made it beyond a year in the IFA slugfest that is the China market.To be fair, that’s an impressive resume, on the other hand, maybe I should believe everything I read on here.

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to ***fused #1300512

Hey is all this and more.


sux cox n dix for sure


Everyone is guilty until proven innocent - fact! This is why these sites exist, it creates a forum for mud-slinging. Love it!


Oh god it must be let's bash the IFA week!

to Anonymous #1033850

When is it NOT bash an IFA week?


There is absolutely no truth in any allegations against Gary Holloway.He was an employee of Montpelier China which now has offices in Beijing, parent company in Brunei.

Owned by Steve Flora and Managed by Dave Biggam. He was a financial adviser in China working under the compliance of the company and insurance providers such as Royal London 360. Standard practice for financial advice for Expats in China is unregulated, without any recourse. It is impossible to do what the allegations state in this single post.

Legal challenge without huge costs is difficult to do on pissed consumer. Did people lose money through the financial meltdown, yes. So the truth behind the post was to undermine and disrupt. The industry continues to contract across Asia as a whole due to poor products and financial schemes of little value.

These schemes have subsequently been banned in Hong Kong but still sold to Expats residents.

INSURANCE PROVIDERS LIKE Royal London 360.Any true complaints to Ombudsman Isle of Man.

99% of financial advisers in China fail within the first year.

to Anonymous #1033331

what a load of bunk! firstly, churning these commission paying funds to keep earning fees at the expense of the client in this manner is possible and happens frequently, second, these products are not banned in hk and finally, whilst i have no direct experience of the china market, i very much doubt that 99% of advisers fail in the first year.

to Anonymous #1047311

Not over the 5% which is insurance industry/ mutual fund typical.

to Anonymous #1078378

Yes they have, more companies have contracted of left the jurisdiction of PRC.Only leaves RL360 (Royal London) or Hansard both extremely expensive ways to invest.

Generali International, Friends Provident International, Old Mutual, Zurich, Skandia pulled out of unregulated business in PR China. The question is why? Well they allowed bad business to be written and if you create a monster one day it will *** you. The business now is to service existing clients and take fees hidden or otherwise.

World is heading back into recession. Not really Gary Holloway's fault as one complaint proven to be false is not conclusive. What about his bosses and the bosses of other similar companies.

The industry is guilty.Don't blame the bank teller for the collapse of the bank.


D-bags like this deserve to be shot

San Antonio, Texas, United States #995238

Chinese girls wear skirts that are just to short.Nothing says "I'm trying to hard" like Vag.

When I look at them, I just think they look way too vaggy for my liking.Free Tibet!


complete shyster by the sounds of it

Amsterdam, Ohio, United States #925598

Well i can only imagine that orio cookies are better than french fries? What do you think Shirley?


Sounds like a right charmer


I say, I could have sworn that there were 15 posts more last week than there is today. Could it be that Pissedconsumer are actually censoring posts, surely that cannot be right as they are all about freedom of speech.


Hey cuz, I got like a 3.6 GPA, I'm like 6'3, 230lbs bro, my ceiling is like this high man


aye pet, dat guy over their like, he smerks blerks. he's a blerk smerker


Let me oil you up and make you nice and slippy as I want to slip the maximum number of ETF's inside you and bill you by the hour. This is ethical you know.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #902551

I have bad dress sense and a 52 inch waste. My Texan drawl is exceeded only by my sense of self importance and flag-kissing demeanor.

to Chevron #1047301

Yes, let's spread democracy in I-Rack and I-Ran by murdering innocents, stealing their oil and keeping them on Petrodollars, whilst at the same time sponsoring terror groups and improving countries in the middle east with regime change. Once we have done that, we can secede from the US of A safe in the knowledge that we have done our bit for humanity. Mass genocide is a price well worth paying for cheap energy.

to Chevron #1053806

It's "waist" not "Waste" unless you are referring to yourself being a "waste of space with a massive waist" you cow-tipping pillock!


I have got a pretty slack brown eye from getting stuffed with all these etf's, one day when they really go off inside me, I will be in trouble, big, big trouble but that is still better than no-load funds because at the end of the day, who wants shafting if there is going to be no load at the end of it, you get what you pay for.


Could somebody please stuff me full of commissions and structured notes that pay massive rips.


Let's put all of this into perspective and if you ask Elizabeth Howell I think she will definitely agree.We are small and silly and in the great scheme of things not very significant.

Consider Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 experienced one of the most spectacular ends that humans ever witnessed. Several months after its discovery, pieces of the comet smashed into the planet Jupiter. The collision produced scars that were visible from Earth in small telescopes.

"This is the first collision of two solar system bodies ever to be observed, and the effects of the comet impacts on Jupiter's atmosphere have been simply spectacular and beyond expectations," NASA wrote on a website describing the comet.

The comet, which struck Jupiter in 1994, brought the dangers of asteroid and comet collisions with Earth to the public fore. In the late 1990s, Hollywood unleashed two blockbuster films – "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact" – on the theme of large objects threatening Earth.

After the release of these films, Congress authorized NASA to seek more near-Earth objects (NEOs) to better monitor those that come cruising close to our planet. [Related: Meteor Blast over Russia Feb. 15, 2013: Complete Coverage]

The first known Jupiter-orbiting comet

The comet was first spotted in March 1993 by three veteran comet discoverers: Eugene and Carolyn Shoemaker, and David Levy. The group had collaborated several times before and discovered several other comets,...

A March circular from the International Astronomical Union Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams contained a casual reference to the comet's position: "The comet is located some 4 degrees from Jupiter, and the motion suggests that it may be near Jupiter's distance." As the months progressed, it was clear that the comet was actually orbiting Jupiter and not the sun. Astronomer Steve Fentress suggested the comet broke up on July 7, 1992, when it whipped by Jupiter roughly 74,600 miles (120,000 km) above its atmosphere. (Accounts vary, with some sources saying the comet passed as close as 15,534 miles, or 25,000 km.) But the comet was probably orbiting Jupiter for decades before that, perhaps as early as 1966 when it got captured by the massive planet's gravity. Further orbital calculations showed the comet would actually crash into Jupiter in July 1994.

The spacecraft Galileo, scheduled to orbit Jupiter, was still en route to the planet at the time and would not be able to get a close-up view. Observatories around the world, however, prepared to turn their attention to the planet, expecting a spectacular show. The orbiting Hubble Space Telescope also was tapped to observe the encounter. "For comet experts and planetary specialists around the world, this may be the most important event of their careers, because of the discoveries they may make about the nature of comets and the makeup of Jupiter's atmosphere and magnetosphere," NASA wrote prior to the event.

"This knowledge may help them explain similar high-energy events on Earth." Watching the fireworks The collisions ended up being a multi-day extravaganza. From July 16 to 22, 1994, 21 separate fragments of the comet smashed into Jupiter's atmosphere, leaving blotches behind. Although all of the collisions took place on the side of Jupiter facing away from Earth, they generally occurred fairly close to the morning "terminator", or the location on Jupiter that was shortly moving within sight of Earth. This meant that telescopes saw some impact sites just minutes after the event.

Jupiter's bright surface was now dotted with smudges from where the comet smashed through the atmosphere. Astronomers using Hubble were surprised to see "sulfur-bearing compounds" such as hydrogen sulfide, as well as ammonia, as a result of the collision. A month after the collision, the sites were noticeably faded, and Hubble scientists declared that Jupiter's atmosphere would have no permanent change from the impacts. "Hubble's ultraviolet observations show the motion of very fine impact debris particles now suspended high in Jupiter's atmosphere," NASA added in a release.

"The debris eventually will diffuse down to lower altitudes. This provides the first information ever obtained about Jupiter's high altitude wind patterns." Ripple effects The impact scars disappeared many years ago, but at least one group of scientists has recently detected a change in Jupiter's environment because of Shoemaker-Levy 9. When Galileo arrived at Jupiter, the spacecraft imaged ripples in Jupiter's main ring in 1996 and 2000. Also, the entire ring tilted in 1994 by about 1.24 miles (two kilometers) following the impact.

In 2011 – nearly two decades after the impact – the Pluto-bound New Horizons spacecraft still was detecting disturbances in the ring, according to a paper in the journal Science. "Impacts by comets or their dust streams are regular occurrences in planetary rings, altering them in ways that remain detectable decades later," the researchers wrote in their abstract. Political effects also came to pass in the decades after Shoemaker-Levy 9, as politicians sought to figure out how many large extraterrestrial objects lurk near Earth. In 1998, Congress mandated that NASA seek out at least 90 percent of the asteroids near the planet that are 0.62 miles (1 kilometer) in diameter.

Seven years later, representatives refined the search to order that by 2020, NASA find 90 percent of NEOs that are 459 feet (140 meters) wide or larger – a threshold considered to pose a large threat to Earth. [Video: NEOs: The Video Show] As of 2011, NASA had found more than 90 percent of the biggest asteroids lurking near Earth, the agency announced. A survey using the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer suggested that there were actually fewer asteroids lurking near our planet than previously feared. "Astronomers now estimate there are roughly 19,500 – not 35,000 – mid-size near-Earth asteroids.

Scientists say this improved understanding of the population may indicate the hazard to Earth could be somewhat less than previously thought," NASA wrote, "However, the majority of these mid-size asteroids remain to be discovered." I think that we need to forget the silly actions of some unethical banking guy and think of the bigger picture and that is we are small.

I hope this has in some way educated all of you.Ty.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #901367

Paint the whole world with the rainbow.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #899436

I don't believe in that in the workplace

Redmond, Washington, United States #898854

Criminal, just criminal, but this what happens when you deal with these people. I would blame unregulated environments but this stuff happens in regulated places too so this is no guarantee. I always ask to see their qualifications and I always want to know if they have skin in the game at least then you know they are exposed to the same stiff they are peddling and at least it shows they practice what they preach

to Rice #898856

yeah yeah yeah, I wud simply ask them what they were investing into so I could stickl it in by baggy tail-pipe. pink sheets, paper, property, etf's, I wud stick them all up there and that way even if I never become a piiissedconsumer I wud definitely be a stuffed one hahaha

San Antonio, Texas, United States #897818

On a slightly different topic, that Kelly Brook bird aint half putting on the timber, she used to be cute but now shes a tub of lard.I get sick of hearing how women like that are 'curvy' and 'healthy' when they are just fat, baggy and unhealthy.

She look old and whilst the face is still pretty-ish, she's fading fast. By the sounds of it, they should put her into one of these portfolios because if she starts at 200 pounds, then after one trade and churn she would be 185, then 160.

Within a year, she would be fit again.Happy days, everones a winner.

to Jason #1033336

Hahahahahaha - classic

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #896523

In a cramped living room in southern Turkey, a 13-year-old boy is training to join Islamic State.

As he welcomes us in, he appears a regular, happy-looking child: his hair is ruffled, his smile beaming, he wears a grey, hooded sweater.

But as we sit down to talk, he heads next door to change, returning in a black balaclava and military-style camouflage top.

He wants to be known as "Abu Hattab".

Born in Syria, he was first radicalised last year, joining the jihadist group Sham al-Islam.

'Behead them' He had Sharia lessons and learned how to use weapons, proudly showing us pictures in which he takes aim with machine guns.Now he spends his days online, watching jihadist videos and chatting on Facebook to IS fighters.

A 13-year-old boy who wishes to be named 'Abu Hattab' stands in a forest holding a weapon Some young jihadists are sent to training camps by their parents Within weeks, he says, he'll go to the IS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria to become a young jihadi soldier. "I like Islamic State because they pursue Sharia and kill infidels, non-Sunnis and those who converted from Islam," he says. Continue reading the main story “ Start Quote I would not be sad if he killed Westerners” 'Fatima' Mother of 'Abu Hattab' "The people killed by Islamic State are American agents. We must behead them as Allah said in the Koran." I ask whether he has disclosed his age to those to whom he talks online.

"At the start, I didn't," he...

Before, I went to the park or the seaside. "But then I realised I was wrong - and I've taken the righteous path." 'Evil powers' His family now lives in Turkey - so would he launch an attack here, or in Britain for example? "Britain should be attacked because it's in Nato and is against Islamic State," he says, "but we would kill only those who deserve it. If they ask me to attack Turkey and give me a holy order, I would do it.

Soon the West will be finished." The mother of a 13 year old IS fighter sit in her house wearing a chequered scarf across her face "Fatima" says she is ashamed that her other sons have not taken up arms At home, he and his mother, who wants to be known as Fatima, lead a devout life. She spends much of her time studying the Koran and admits strong sympathies for the militants. Last year, she sent her son for training with Sham al-Islam - but denies brainwashing him. "I never encouraged him to join Islamic State," she insists.

"I support some of their beliefs but not others. But I think they came to help the Syrian people - unlike the evil powers around the world." 'Future leader' If she's not encouraging him, I ask, what is she doing to stop her son losing his childhood to extreme violence? Continue reading the main story “ Start Quote Their childhood has been taken” Mohamed Brother of young jihadi fighters "I can't stop him if he wants to fight," she says. "War makes children grow up fast.

I want him to become a future leader - an emir." Steadily her voice grows in intensity, her eyes narrowing in anger above the scarf she uses to cover her face. "I would not be sad if he killed Westerners. I'm ashamed that my other sons are working peacefully for civil society groups - they must take up arms." How would she feel, I ask, if he dies fighting for Islamic State? She pauses.

"I would be so happy," she replies, before bowing her head to cry. A young jihadist fighter operates heavy artillery in the desert Some jihadist groups are using child soldiers as suicide bombers and snipers $100 per month Islamic State is recruiting widely among children, according to a United Nations report released last month - and often forcibly. One video posted online, called "cubs of the Islamic State", appears to show a battalion of children dressed in full military garb, holding weapons and standing next to an IS black flag. Other jihadist groups are also using child soldiers, Human Rights Watch reporting recently that they're deployed as suicide bombers and snipers.

In the southern Turkish city of Gaziantep, we met a Syrian civil society activist who has seen his two younger brothers - 13 and 15 years old - fall victim to a recruitment drive by Jabat al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria. Mohamed, the brother of two young jihadists stands in front of a mosque Mohamed fears that both his brothers will be killed Mohamed, 21, shows me a video of his youngest brother firing heavy artillery with a group of fighters. In other pictures, he poses for the camera gripping a machine gun. "I tried to stop my brothers from joining al-Nusra but they didn't care what I felt," he says.

"They should be at school. Al-Nusra offers children $100 per month to fight with them. And they give them weapons-training in a camp. Their childhood has been taken." Mohamed's younger brother points a weapon at the camera Mohamed's brother was trained to fight by the al-Nusra group in Syria Both brothers have recently been captured by Islamic State.

Mohamed fears they'll soon defect from al-Nusra to fight with IS. "I used to have fun with my youngest brother at home. But then he changed. When I told him al-Nusra would destroy our country, he said 'shut up, or I'll kill you'.

"I said goodbye to both of them when they went to join al-Nusra and I thought: I'll never see them again. I'm sure I'll get news that they've been killed." Syria's war is blackening the formative years of a generation. And militants are preying upon children as tools of that war, their innocence stolen too early.

As I left the house of "Abu Hattab", I asked his mother what her 13-year-old wanted to become when he was even younger.She smiled: "A pilot."

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the real crooks are the banks as they caused the meltdown in 2008 and they pushed for de-regulation which enabled them to do the things they did.they destabilized the system no one else.

picking on one guy hurting his business is not fair when there are so many other worse offenders.

try going to hsbc in hongkong and see how far you get with those guys as they will put an inexperienced guy in front of you who will just try to sell you any old rubbish just to maximize his commission.its not just the ifa's as the institutions allow it and the banks actively encourage it they are the real crooks


I think the comments on here are just getting silly now. To give the legitimacy the OP should have named himself and then at least it would not have been anonymous and that would have given the whole thing some credibility.


So, this guy blows you then picks your pocket or just makes lots of transaction to generate fees or both? Very confusing indeed.


I'm going out later to get on the lager, I plan to get leathered then pick up a street-brass and get a nosh. Tricky though as they rifle your pockets whilst they are down there so I'll need to keep my wallet in my hands.

to Beery #895198

I know what you mean beery, if you are around manhattans or judys late at night, the street brass are offering "*** aarse" for 200 rmb and no condom is ok.


I like a nice GFE but I always insist on bareback. It is actually very safe because you can just tell by looking at someone if they have something or not.


Forget ETF's, I want stocks, mutual funds, commodities, ETN's, CDO, REIT, the IMF, I want GFE, PSE, O Levels, Reverse O, A levels, reverse A, OWO, CIM, bareback, mild-dom, watersports and cappuccino


anything associated with the Devere Group is a scam, beware, why are you giving your hard earned money to complete strangers to invest in

to Enoch #891686

Not true, if a client wants 4%pa and I give him 4.25%pa whilst making 63% commission, Nigel Green says it is ok and that he would encourage it.

to Enoch #892910

absolute criminal as i was investing with them for several year under the belief that I had a liquid plan and then they tell me to take money out of my existing on for this new one for a bonus and all I am left with is 2 worthless investment plans. I am partly to blame as I should have asked more questions but the advisor withheld the technical guide from me and lied and then disappeared

to Sergio #895126

your two plans are not worthless as they both taught you a very valuable lesson, a lesson you should have only needed to learn once


Nothing wrong with this, the broker should earn commission from his customers, why should anyone work for free?


never heard of this guy but he sounds bad

to richard #891104

Well I would say not to go around judging people who you have never met Richard, there are two sides to every story and you never know, perhaps this person has been fitted up or was just desperate because he needed more for an operation or something like that, you never know so you should never judge


I cannot afford to eat let alone maintain a roof over my head thanks to the banksters. They are all crooks, my house, my pension and my savings - all gone and it is thanks to people like this guy.

to Food Stamps #891675

check under your bed and in your mattress - - you just never know!


Red alert

When that scalding vindaloo hits your tongue, neurons on your taste buds rush messages to your brain: heat, pain, lots of exclamation marks.It's all to do with a volatile compound called capsaicin.

"Capsaicin is fat-soluble, not water-soluble, so beer will only fan the flames," says Cath Collins, chief dietician at St George's Hospital in London. But that won't stop you trying.

So hot right now

Your body tries to cool down by bringing blood vessels closer to the surface – causing you to go beetroot and sweat like Lindsay Lohan being breathalyzed. But according to a study at Nottingham Trent University, your body counters this heat by releasing endorphins, which will make you feel good.

Soon you can't wait for your weekly dose of pain, much like Chelsea fans.

Eye carumba!

It's not just your mouth that feels hotter than the devil's backside. "Capsaicin binds to the mucus membranes leading to your eyes, nose and ears," says Collins. "Your eyes and even nose attempt to neutralise this irritation with moisture." So if your nose starts running like an Italian soldier blame vasomotor rhinitis. Scary spice "Extremely spicy foods strip the stomach's protective barriers, burning its lining," says Collins.

They can also cause acid reflux, as your stomach struggles with the heat. As well as burning your throat for the second time, the acid could leave you waking up with Pete Doherty's teeth. Ring of fire "That...

But a hot curry can also save your life.

"Turmeric contains curcumin, a natural antibiotic that combats everything from dementia to colon cancer," says Collins.So, it's not only Jennifer Lopez's hot *** you should be after.

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Anyone want a hot chocolate log on their chest?


Just reading this makes me want to puke.

to Chunder #891083

What, with a name like Chunder? Hahahaha


Well, if it is really all that bad then remind me never to get involved.


There is a good amount of information on here although I am not quite sure what to do with it.

to Dragon #891107

Dragon was Bruce Lee's name. True story.


Lloyds TSB (41 per cent owned by UK taxpayers, which include me) has sent customers of its Premier Account (which also include me) a note about ‘important changes’ to the aforementioned account (for which I pay about £10 a month), supposedly to our benefit.

And what does paragraph two say?I quote:

From 2 October there will be changes to how we charge for using an overdraft.

If you use an overdraft beyond any any interest and fee free period you’ll pay interest and a Monthly Overdraft Usage Fee which is increasing from £5 to £6. You’ll only ever pay this fee in any one monthly billing period and you won’t have to pay for just having a Planned Overdraft in place. The interest rate charged on overdrafts is also increasing from 12.43 (variable) to 15.43 per cent.

I think this means up.

But there’s more.

These charges will apply whether you use a Planned Overdraft or an Unplanned Overdraft. As the enclosed booklet explains, Unplanned Overdrafts also carry additional charges.

It also highlights the smart ways we can help you manage your money, so you can stay in control. What a masterpiece of the direct marketing copywriting art (snake oil as we used to call it) this is. So we’re going to stiff you anyway, whether you’ve planned your overdraft or not (if you haven’t we’ll stiff you even more, we just won’t tell you by how much). I’ve banked with Lloyds for about 30 years, personally and professionally.

They’ve been...

Lloyds borrows money for nothing (yes, nothing) from the Bank of England and the European Central Bank and others sources for, at max, four per cent. Yet it’s upping its overdraft rates to a credit card-like 16 per cent plus other charges, to characters like me who are paying them £120 for the privilege of having one of their *** useless (as my friend George Parker would say) ‘Premier Accounts.’ Lloyds has just sold off 600 or so branches to the Co-op at a knock-down price as penalty for being bailed out by the UK government when it bought the gigantic can of worms called HBOS. I’m a Lloyds TSB shareholder too (don’t ask). For the last couple of years the bank has been run by £10m a year former Santander banker Antonio Horta-Osorio (left), who spent the second six months of his reign on sick leave because he couldn’t sleep.

Well I’m not *** surprised (pace George), if this is the best he can do. The best thing the board of Lloyds TSB (which means the Government in effect) should do with Signor Horta whatsit is remind him of that old Spanish entertainment the auto da fe.

And when he’s stopped sizzling get somebody in who’s mindful of their duties.Meanwhile I think I’m off to the Co-op.

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to tinkertailor #861099

Anyone that has read the small print on any bank product knows that the whole sector is just a rip-off. These are the real crooks and these small brokerage bandits are small fry by comparison.


I do not know how these people get away with it.They are very much not nice people.

They behave in a corrupt manner but they are not men. They are the weak. All this theft and stealing is not right. People should just get on in this world.

There is no need for all this theft and bad will. People should find the lord and treat each other the way they expect to be treated themselves. Only then will we have a fair world brotherhood. This is not nice.

I talk to my friend and they agree. When I conduct business and am well. I am a lion.

I am a real man but these people who are out cheating are not men they do not behave like men but instead they behave like the hyena.Lion up people this is the only way to be.



HSBC called me and asked me to refinance my mortgage in 2006 and told me through their agent Ryan Nabb that he would place me in an fixed rate mortgage.In 2008 I got a letter stating my loan was due to adjust.

Long story short I sued HSBC in 2011 for fraud and other causes of action. We were set to go to trial. HSBC produced a forged promissory not that had four pages..The third page only had one paragraph with ample room for a signature, however no signature line was on this page.

So the third page was 75% blank and HSBC attached a fourth page that didn't reference the note and placed my signature on the fourth page.I am looking for other people that have been a victim of a bait and switch by HSBC.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #850522

t’s beginning to look as if JPMorgan Chase has had a hand in every major banking scandal of the last decade.In fact, it’s the Zelig of Wall Street crime.

Take a snapshot of any major bank fraud and chances are you’ll see JPMorgan Chase staring out at you from the frame.

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon. (Photograph: Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images)

Foreclosure fraud, investor fraud, cheating customers, market manipulation, LIBOR … and now, the coup de grâce to JPM’s tattered reputation: a $2 billion fine for closing its eyes and covering up as Bernie Madoff literally bilked widows and orphans, along with a lot of other families and charities. (Here’s a list of investors.)

Does Jamie Dimon, the bank’s CEO, still think people don’t say enough nice things about him? Do his friends?

More importantly, how does the largest bank in the country (measured in assets) get away with being worse than Enron?

That one’s easy: By being the largest bank in the country.

Guilty as Sin JPMorgan Chase was hit with a “deferred prosecution agreement” for criminal behavior in this latest settlement, which basically means they won’t be prosecuted as long as they honor the agreement and keep admitting to their own wrongdoing. As the New York Times notes, this kind of arrangement is “nearly unheard-of for a giant American bank,” is “typically employed only when misconduct is extreme,” and “underscores the magnitude of the case against JPMorgan.”...

No wonder JPM tried to block investigators from probing its handling of the Madoff account. According to Newsweek, the Justice Department even shielded the bank from obstruction charges. Worse Than Enron There’s no question about it: JPMorgan Chase is worse than Enron. It’s true that Enron’s energy market manipulations were horrible.

Enron executives and employees deprived people of their life savings, drove up the price of a vital public utility, and concealed their crimes with all the wiliness of history’s worst master conspirators. But JPMorgan Chase did everything Enron did – and much, much more. Consider: A few weeks ago JPM paid $13 billion to settle well-documented charges of massive and widespread foreclosure fraud. Although that was the largest fine paid by a corporation in American history, there’s a compelling argument that it should have been larger – as much as 22 times larger.

JPM paid $296.9 million for lying to investors about the payment status – and hence, the investment quality – of its mortgage-backed securities. JPM paid more than a third of a billion dollars to settle charges that it bilked customers by charging them for credit monitoring services it never provided. JPM agreed to pay between $1.8 billion and $4.5 billion, depending on how you tally the cost, for illegally foreclosing on American families and throwing them out of their homes. JPM paid another $56 million for cheating active-duty service members and their families, and for illegally foreclosing on them as well.

JPM paid $228 million for rigging the bidding for 93 municipal bond transactions in 31 states. (You know those cities that supposedly can’t honor their pension agreements with retired workers? That’s the kind of client they cheated here.) JPM paid $410 million to settle charges related to its rigging of electricity prices, which is what Enron did. JPM has paid multiple fines and settlements over the “London whale” case, in which traders sought to manipulate market prices, engaged in unlawful “reckless conduct” (while CEO Dimon bragged about the bank’s risk management and “fortress balance sheet”), then unlawfully concealed their behavior.

There is no evidence that any investigation sought to determine how high the cover-up went. We do know that Dimon told investors the case was “a tempest in a teapot” after privately being told that losses were running in the billions. JPM paid $1.2 billion for colluding with credit card companies and other institutions to rig merchants’ credit prices. JPM has paid two major fines for illegally investing with customers’ money.

Den of Thieves All in all, JPMorgan Chase has paid $20 billion in fines in the last year alone. But none of these fines were personally charged to the executives who committed the crimes. Instead, they were paid by shareholders – some of whom were also bilked by the executives in question. What’s more, most (if not all) of these fines are tax-deductible.

That means that taxpayers will take a hit for JPM’s criminality. Even the Enron guys didn’t think of that. Do some good people work at JPMorgan Chase? Of course.

I have a couple friends there myself, and they’re honorable people. But they’re living in a nest of fraudsters. Either CEO Dimon thinks that’s just fine, or he’s not competent enough to clean the place out and should be fired forthwith. It’s who you know … How does the JPM Gang get away with all of this fraud?

One simple answer is: Access. Political access. Even Bernie Madoff had it. The Madoff family was heavily involved in SIFMA, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, a trade group with deep Washington DC connections.

(Madoff’s brother Peter was honored by SIFMA in 2006.) Dimon’s DC connections, of course, are the stuff of legend. They extend to members of both parties. Until scandal completely scarred the bank’s reputation, Dimon was routinely referred to as “the President’s favorite banker.” And as a high-powered Wall Street lawyer, Attorney General Eric Holder undoubtedly crossed paths with Dimon many times. Our leaders insist that those personal connections carry no weight in their decision-making process.

People are free to form their own opinions about that. The argument is also made, as the Attorney General did in a rare moment of candor, that some banks can’t be indicted because that would put them in danger – which, in turn, would pose a systemic risk to the global economy. And yet nobody in the Administration is claiming that this is a problem, much less proposing solutions. Solutions are available: the breakup of systemically risky institutions or the indictment of individuals and not of institutions.

Unfortunately, nobody in the government seems very interested in solutions.They just keep making these deals, even when the malefactors involved are much, much worse than Enron.

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I think sometimes people are guilty of blaming others for their own failure to carry out proper due-diligence on people they hand their own hard earned money too. This is not to say that the Gary in question is innocent as he may well be guilty, but I only read one legitimate looking comment to back up the assertion with the rest being simply unsubstantiated 'noise'


I think Tipp-ex is awesome. I sniff it daily and get high. I also use it to correct contracts so I can have people over.

to Correction fluid #847048

I think the owners of this bull-rubbish site are complete hand-jobs and real shlong-suckers.Perhaps you could Tipp-ex them out of existence.

I would also go are far as to say that they were sniffing Tipp-ex when they sat through business ethics class, either that or they didn't even bother in class - I am better on the latter given that they were probably high guessed it..Tipp-ex

to Evander #847649

I actually think that they were sniffing Gas, Glue and Lynx deodorant because they were definitely high, but not Tipp-ex high.Tipp-ex offers a mellow high and generally would leave you a little dizzy and definitely not vindictive enough to launch a worthless site like this.

On the other hand, Glue and specifically Evo-stick in a plastic bag would give these bell-ends all the motivation they would need to produce this bile. Glue is without doubt the gateway to skag/smack and that is the gate way to producing this website and the only way to fight it is to keep posting rubbish on it. Delete/block me if you like P.C.

but you cannot silence me.

to Nigel #883113

To be fair Nige, Tipp-ex is awesome and I'm not knocking it but I find it leaves a bit of a cotton mouth with a chewy sensation to it. Being honest, I really like my Lynx Deodorant because it leaves me with really fresh breath and a top head buzz, Glue (specifically Evo-Stick) packs a punch too and really takes me back to England Council Estates in the early 80's but those memories also bring back memories of getting off with glued-up skanks who gave you crabs and the had your illegitimate offspring, condemning the fruits of your loin to a life of under-achievement on benefits. Also, no one likes glue-breath, whereas Musk, Amber and Spice were much nicer on the nostrils.

Santa Ana, California, United States #841741

The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, commonly known as the June Fourth Incident (六四事件) or more accurately '89 Democracy Movement (八九民运) in Chinese,[1] were student-led popular demonstrations in Beijing which took place in the spring of 1989 and received broad support from city residents, exposing deep splits within China's political leadership.The protests were forcibly suppressed by hardline leaders who ordered the military to enforce martial law in the country's capital.[2][3] The crackdown that initiated on June 3–4 became known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre or the June 4 Massacre as troops with assault rifles and tanks inflicted casualties on unarmed civilians trying to block the military's advance towards Tiananmen Square in the heart of Beijing, which student demonstrators had occupied for seven weeks.

The Chinese government condemned the protests as a "counter-revolutionary riot", and has prohibited all forms of discussion or remembrance of the events since.[4][5] Due to the lack of information from China, many aspects of the events remain unknown or unconfirmed.

Estimates of the death toll range from a few hundred to a few thousand.[6]

The protests were triggered in April 1989 by the death of former Communist Party general secretary, Hu Yaobang, a liberal reformer, who was deposed after losing a power struggle with hardliners over the direction of political and economic reform.[7] University students marched and gathered in Tiananmen...

The government initially took a conciliatory stance toward the protesters.[12] The student-led hunger strike galvanized support for the demonstrators around the country and the protests spread to 400 cities by mid-May.[13] Ultimately, China's paramount leader Deng Xiaoping and other party elders resolved to use force.[14] Party authorities declared martial law on May 20, and mobilized as many as 300,000 troops to Beijing.[13]

In the aftermath of the crackdown, the government conducted widespread arrests of protesters and their supporters, cracked down on other protests around China, expelled foreign journalists and strictly controlled coverage of the events in the domestic press. The police and internal security forces were strengthened. Officials deemed sympathetic to the protests were demoted or purged.[15] Zhao Ziyang was ousted in a party leadership reshuffle and replaced with Jiang Zemin.

Political reforms were largely halted and economic reforms did not resume until Deng Xiaoping's 1992 southern tour.[16][17] The Chinese government was widely condemned internationally for the use of force against the protesters.Western governments imposed economic sanctions and arms embargoes.

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New York, New York, United States #841316

if you're dumb enough to invest your money with Devere, then you deserve to lose all of it


Hahahahaha about 10 comments have been edited from this thread alone. So much for the "freedom of speech" this people behind this site really are low.

to Truth #841256

Yeah, complete ***-offs the lot of them.10000000000 x worse than the subject matter who may or may not be guilty of fund switching, whatever that is.

Does anyone actually care?I am so happy the general population is seeing this site for the joke that it is.


I would personally like to weigh in and warn all expats against................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................reading this website.

What a load of utter b0110cks. The comments made on here are more fishy than an unwashed punani IMHO. I would say allowing people to post unfiltered nonsense on here under "freedom of speech" is bile and a vain attempt to profit from the slander of innocent people and particularly SMS's being fcuked online by the dirty d11ck of scumbaggery.

This is a sad, sad, sad world we live in and this site is racketeering, plain and simple.Viva la France!

to French*** #840848

Qui monsieur.

Vous avez raison sur ce site, il est de la ***.Les gens qui sont derrière bouillie être abattus car ils sont des sous-hommes.

Je voudrais avoir une mitraillette parce que je voudrais faire, c'est sûr. Ils ont besoin d'un manteau hangar métallique coller bas de leur pénis jusqu'à ce qu'il saigne.

Leur n'est pas nécessaire fopr cela et même comme un homme français Je conceed que l'Angleterre sont les meilleurs.Nous serions mieux sous leur domination à coup sûr


In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one's sovereign or nation.Historically, treason also covered the murder of specific social superiors, such as the murder of a husband by his wife or that of a master by his servant.

Treason against the king was known as high treason and treason against a lesser superior was petty treason. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor.

Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as "...[a]...citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]." In many nations, it is also often considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aiding or involved by such an endeavor.

Outside legal spheres, the word "traitor" may also be used to describe a person who betrays (or is accused of betraying) his own political party, nation, family, friends, ethnic group, team, religion, social class, or other group to which they may belong. Often, such accusations are controversial and disputed, as the person may not identify with the group of which they are a member, or may otherwise disagree with the group members making the charge. See, for example, race traitor, often used by White supremacists and of people in inter-racial relationships (cf.


At times, the term "traitor" has been used as a political epithet, regardless of any...

In English law, high treason was punishable by being hanged, drawn and quartered (men) or burnt at the stake (women), although beheading could be substituted by royal command (usually for royalty and nobility).

Those penalties were abolished in 1814, 1790 and 1973 respectively. The penalty was used by later monarchs against people who could reasonably be called traitors, although most modern jurists would call it excessive. Many of them would now just be considered dissidents.

In William Shakespeare's play King Lear (c. 1600), when the King learns that his daughter Regan has publicly dishonoured him, he says They could not, would not do 't; 'tis worse than murder: a conventional attitude at that time.

In Dante Alighieri's Inferno, the ninth and lowest circle of *** is reserved for traitors; Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus, suffers the worst torments of all: being constantly gnawed at by one of Lucifer's own three mouths. His treachery is considered so notorious that his name has long been synonymous with traitor, a fate he shares with Benedict Arnold, Marcus Junius Brutus (who too is depicted in Dante's Inferno, suffering the same fate as Judas along with Cassius Longinus), and Vidkun Quisling (cf. quisling for the proverbial status of the latter's name).

Indeed, the etymology of the word traitor originates with Judas' handing over of Jesus to the chief priests, captains of the temple and elders (Luke 22:52): the word is derived from the Latin traditor which means "one who delivers."[1] Christian theology and political thinking until after the Enlightenment considered treason and blasphemy as synonymous, as it challenged both the state and the will of God.Kings were considered chosen by God.[2] and to betray one's country was to do the work of Satan.

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to guyfawkes #840843

I luv fire me


Bedknobs and Broomsticks is a 1971 American musical film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by Buena Vista Distribution Company in North America on December 13, 1971.It is based upon the books The Magic Bed Knob; or, How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons (1943) and Bonfires and Broomsticks (1945) by English children's author Mary Norton.

The film, which combines live action and animation, stars Angela Lansbury and David Tomlinson.

The film is frequently compared with Mary Poppins (1964): combining live action and animation and partly set in the streets of London. It shares some of the cast from Mary Poppins, namely Tomlinson, supporting actor Reginald Owen (in his last film role) and Arthur Malet (Restored version only), a similar filmcrew, songwriters the Sherman Brothers, director Robert Stevenson, art director Peter Ellenshaw, and music director Irwin Kostal.[2][3]

According to film critic Leonard Maltin's book Disney Films, Leslie Caron, Lynn Redgrave, Judy Carne, and Julie Andrews were all considered for the role of Eglantine Price before the Disney studio decided on Angela Lansbury. David Tomlinson replaced Ron Moody as Emelius Brown due to Moody's busy schedule. The film received generally positive reviews from critics, scoring 66% on Rotten Tomatoes, and won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

This was the last film released prior to the death of Walt Disney's surviving brother, Roy O. Disney, who died one...


1 Plot

2 Cast 2.1 Voices 3 Production 4 Theatre releases 5 Home media releases 5.1 2001 edition 5.2 2009 edition 5.3 2014 edition 6 Awards and nominations 7 Soundtrack 8 See also 9 References 10 External links Plot During the Blitz, the Rawlins children, Charlie, Carrie, and Paul, are evacuated to the Dorset village of Pepperinge Eye. They are placed in the care of Eglantine Price, a reclusive woman who reluctantly takes them in. Ms.

Price is actually an apprentice witch and a student of the Correspondence College of Witchcraft, hoping her magic can bring the war to an end. She receives a broomstick from the college, though her attempt to fly it ends with her crashlanding. The children observe her, Charlie challenging her skills, prompting Ms. Price to briefly transform him into a white rabbit, and being chased by Ms.

Price's Cat "Cosmic Creepers". Cosmic Creepers corners Charlie, but Charlie reverts to his normal form before he is harmed. Deciding to form an agreement with the children, Ms. Price enchants a bedknob, which will transport them to any location when attached to her father’s antique bed, giving ownership to Paul.

Ms. Price receives a letter reporting the college has been closed down, forcing her to go to London to speak with the college’s headmaster Emelius Browne. Convincing Paul to help her, the children use the bed to travel to London, where they meet Mr. Browne, actually a charismatic *** artist who found some apparently meaningless formulas in a very old spellbook and turned them into an imaginary educational course.

Ms. Price asks for the final spell of the course, so the elated Mr. Browne, believing his spells were fake, invites her to an abandoned mansion he is occupying. Mr.

Browne gives the spellbook to Ms. Price, but the second half is missing. The group go to Portobello Road where they search for the other half of the book, attracting the attention of a spiv named Swinburne. Swinburne takes them to see his associate, the Bookman, who has the other half of the book.

Ms. Price and the Bookman examine the book but find out that the final spell is missing. The Bookman explains the book’s author, a sorcerer named Astaroth, used his magic to give wild animals anthropomorphism, only for them to kill him and steal the source of his magic, a medallion called the “Star of Astoroth”. The animals sailed to the Isle of Naboombu, believed to not exist until Paul reveals it does, proved in a storybook he has.

Ms. Price’s group escape on the bed before the Bookman can stop them. The group crashland in the animated world of Naboombu, travelling through the lagoon until fished out by a bear, learning no humans are allowed on the island. Mr.

Browne speaks with King Leonidas, a lion who is a soccer fanatic and wears the Star of Astaroth, offering to act as referee in an upcoming soccer match. Mr. Browne participates in the chaotic match, which ends with the king’s self-proclaimed victory. Mr.

Browne secretly steals the Star, and Ms. Price has to turn Leonidas into a rabbit to make their escape back home, but they discover the Star has vanished before they can read the spell. Paul spots the incantation for the Substituiary Locomotion spell, able to animate inanimate objects, within his book. Ms.

Price tests the spell on Mr. Browne’s shoes, but its power animates other clothes. Mrs. Jessica Hobday, organizer for the children’s refuge, visits and tells Ms.

Price that the Rawlings can be moved, but Ms. Price declines. Mr. Browne grows worried he is becoming too attached to Ms.

Price and the children, and departs for London, only to sleep at the railway station to wait for the next train. A Nazi raiding party sneak onto the coast and occupy Ms. Price’s house, placing her and the children in a local weaponry museum. Mr.

Browne sneaks into the house, using magic to turn himself into a rabbit, and joins the others in the museum. Ms. Price uses Substituiary Locomotion to animate the museum’s displays, and leads an army of medieval knights, Cavalier, Redcoat, and Highlander costumes upon the ***. The army, unharmed by gunfire, quickly overwhelms the ***.

Surmising Ms. Price’s workshop is the source of her magic, the Nazi commander destroys it with explosions, knocking Ms. Price off her broomstick and the army collapses. The *** retreat to the sea, with the local Home Guard firing at them as they flee.

Though disappointed her witchcraft is gone, Ms. Price expresses happiness she did help out in the war effort. Shortly after, Mr. Browne enlists into the British Army and marches off with the Home Guard escorting him, while Paul reveals he still possesses the enchanted bedknob.

Cast Angela Lansbury as Ms. Eglantine Price David Tomlinson as Mr. Emelius Browne Ian Weighill as Charles "Charlie" Rawlins Cindy O'Callaghan as Carrie Rawlins Roy Snart as Paul Rawlins Roddy McDowall as Mr. Rowan Jelk Sam Jaffe as Bookman Bruce Forsyth as Swinburne Tessie O'Shea as Mrs.

Jessica Hobday John Ericson as Colonel Heller Reginald Owen as Major General Sir Brian Teagler Arthur Gould-Porter as Captain Greer Hank Worden as A Old Home Guard Soldier (uncredited) Cyril Delevanti as Elderly farmer Voices Lennie Weinrib as King Leonidas, Secretary Bird Dallas McKennon as Bear Bob Holt as Codfish Production Filming took place at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. The castle scenes were shot on location at Corfe Castle, Dorset, England.[4] The armor used for the climactic battle against the *** had been assembled in Spain for the movie El Cid and was later shipped to Burbank for use in the movie Camelot before being rented for this film. Theatre releases Bedknobs and Broomsticks was originally intended to be a large-scale epic holiday release similar to Mary Poppins, but after its premiere, it was shortened from its two and a half-hour length (while the liner notes on the soundtrack reissue in 2002 claims it was closer to three hours) to a more manageable (to movie theatres) two hours. Along with a minor subplot involving Roddy McDowall's character, three songs were removed entirely, and the central dance number "Portobello Road" was shortened by more than six minutes.

Although the musical score was recorded in stereo, and the soundtrack album was presented that way, the film was released in mono sound. The movie was reissued theatrically in 1979, with a lower time of 99 minutes, with all songs, excluding "Portobello Road" and "Beautiful Briny Sea", being muted out. Home media releases The film has been released for home several times on VHS,and DVD 2001 edition Upon rediscovering the removed song "A Step in the Right Direction" on the original soundtrack album, Disney decided to reconstruct the film's original running length. Most of the film material was found, but some segments of "Portobello Road" had to be reconstructed from work prints with digital re-coloration to match the film quality of the main content.

The footage for "A Step in the Right Direction" was never located. As of 2009, it remains lost, and it is believed that the footage was possibly destroyed. A reconstruction of "A Step in the Right Direction", using the original music track linked up to existing production stills, was included on the DVD as an extra to convey an idea of what the lost sequence would have looked like. The edit included several newly discovered songs, including "Nobody's Problems", performed by Lansbury.

The number had been cut before the premiere of the film. Lansbury had only made a demo recording, singing with a solo piano because the orchestrations would have been added when the picture was scored. When the song was cut, the orchestrations had not yet been added; therefore, it was finally orchestrated and put together when it was placed back into the film. The soundtrack for some of the spoken tracks was unrecoverable.

Therefore, Lansbury and McDowall re-dubbed their parts, while other actors made ADR dubs for those who were unavailable. Even though David Tomlinson was still alive when the film was being reconstructed, he was in ill-health, and unavailable to provide ADR for Emelius Browne. Some of the alternate actors that re-dubbed the newly inserted scenes had questionable likenesses to that of the original voices (the postmistress, for example, had a British regional accented voice that changed from Welsh to Scottish and back again on the reconstructed scenes). Elements of the underscoring were either moved or extended when it was necessary to benefit the new material.

The extended version of the film was released on VHS and DVD on March 20, 2001, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the film. The reconstruction additionally marks the first time the film was presented in stereophonic sound. 2009 edition A new edition called Bedknobs and Broomsticks: Enchanted Musical Edition was released on DVD on September 8, 2009. This new single-disc edition is an identical transfer to the 30th Anniversary Edition, dropping the Scrapbook and Film Facts to make room for a Wizards of Waverly Place Special Effects featurette and a The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Blu-ray infomercial.

The Sherman Brothers Featurette, the lost song "A Step in the Right Direction" and most of the other bonus features are retained from the previous edition.[5] 2014 edition The movie will be released on Special Edition Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on August 12, 2014 Awards and nominations The film received five Academy Award nominations and won one.[6] Year Ceremony Category Recipients Result 1971 44th Academy Awards Best Visual Effects Alan Maley, Eustace Lycett, Danny Lee Won Best Costume Design Bill Thomas Nominated Best Art Direction John B. Mansbridge, Peter Ellenshaw, Emile Kuri, Hal Gausman Nominated Best Original Song Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman Nominated Best Original Score Richard M.

Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, Irwin Kostal Nominated Soundtrack Bedknobs and Broomsticks Soundtrack album by Richard M. Sherman, Robert B.

Sherman, and Irwin Kostal Released 1971 Label Buena Vista Although the film is in mono sound recording, the songs for the film were recorded in stereo.These songs include: "The Old Home Guard" "The Age of Not Believing" (received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song) "With a Flair" (only in the 2001 reconstruction) "Eglantine" "Don't Let Me Down" (only in the 2001 reconstruction) "Portobello Road" "The Beautiful Briny" "Substitutiary Locomotion" "A Step in the Right Direction" "Nobody's Problems" (only in the 2001 reconstruction) "Solid Citizen" (replaced by the soccer match) "Fundamental Element" (sections were incorporated into "Don't Let Me Down")

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An electron transfer flavoprotein (ETF) is a flavoprotein and functions as a specific electron acceptor for primary dehydrogenases, transferring the electrons to terminal respiratory systems such as electron-transferring-flavoprotein dehydrogenase.They can be functionally classified into constitutive, "housekeeping" ETFs, mainly involved in the oxidation of fatty acids (Group I), and ETFs produced by some prokaryotes under specific growth conditions, receiving electrons only from the oxidation of specific substrates (Group II).[1]

ETFs are heterodimeric proteins composed of an alpha and beta subunit (ETFA and ETFB), and contain an FAD cofactor and AMP.[2][3] ETF consists of three domains: domains I and II are formed by the N- and C-terminal portions of the alpha subunit, respectively, while domain III is formed by the beta subunit.

Domains I and III share an almost identical alpha-beta-alpha sandwich fold, while domain II forms an alpha-beta-alpha sandwich similar to that of bacterial flavodoxins.

FAD is bound in a cleft between domains II and III, while domain III binds the AMP molecule.Interactions between domains I and III stabilise the protein, forming a shallow bowl where domain II resides.

Mutation in ETFs can lead to deficiency of passing reducing equivalent of FADH2 to electron transport chain, causing Glutaric acidemia type 2

Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #839091

This site is total poppycock


A proper little exchange and mart going on over here and I have to say I like it.A collection of collective witticisms and all participating should pat themselves on the back.

The only negative to the good humour is the mud-slinging on this site. The site itself is not a terrible idea but it has been executed badly by allowing anonymous posters to post what they want without recourse. Innuendo and *** most welcome, slander on the other hand is a tad bit naughty and there is no need. I would speculate that there are shreds of truth within these threads, certainly this one probably has a smidgen of merit but it is all rather sordid and accusational and with all the 'white noise' in between it is of very little use to the consumer.

Also I have to say that I cannot help but get the feeling that the hosts have much to gain from the reputational damage caused to everyone posted about here, whereas the people posting (if they are competitors) are causing damage to their own industries and of course the people being complained about too have to then continually explain their position. The only way for an argument to have weight is if people are named and there is a clear issue that has been allowed to linger and has not been sorted out and then and only then should the publicity train be set in motion and then it is the last resort. I think Mr.

Miyagi said it best, he said that "fighting is always last answer to problem" and I see a lot of proxy fighting...

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av got a 1972 ford cortina for sale in mint condition, its a classic car and as been used wife is brown-bread now so don't need it anymore who av I got to impress.

anyone wants a test drive you got to come to Yorkshire in England but promise you wont be dissatisfied. ever since ive ad it it is like av been a magnet for the chicks. I got no bones that I use to give the wife std's from when I cheated on her cos I could always blame th'toilet seat like. couldn't help it and the car was a *** magnet.

if you want to be a *** magnet get this cortina cos it is a top car like and does nearly hundred and runs on 2 star so simply full tank up full of tit and then go on road trip *** like.

a guarantee you will love it cos it is an awesome buy just don't let yer mate drive it cos if yer missus sees im then you will be the one whos been sittin on dodgy bog seats if you know what I mean.on over hand you could always drive it round his gaff for is wife to see unless shes a minger like then you wouldn't but if she aint then awesome give im the old dodgy bog seat syndrome teach im a lesson in advance in case he trys to pork your old lady unless shes a minger then good riddance

Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia #837891

The number of executions worldwide rose 15 percent in 2013, according to an Amnesty International report, with the United States up with Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia as the countries executing the most people.

But one country stood out from the rest.In fact, Amnesty argued, China appeared to have executed more people than the rest of the world put together in 2013.

You can see how absurdly huge that number is by looking at this chart put together by Amnesty (click it to see a larger image):

(Amnesty International)

When you look at the graphic above, however, you probably notice that the end of the chart for China fades out.

That's because Amnesty hasn't been able to fully estimate the true number of executions in China.

This isn't a new thing. Last year, Amnesty was forced to reach the same conclusion for 2012. In fact, the last time Amnesty was able to estimate the number of executions in China with relative accuracy was in 2008, when it's believed that at least 1,718 people were executed. The problem is that China treats the number of executions like a state secret, so observers are forced to use media reports and other means in an attempt to come up with accurate figures.

Other groups have attempted to estimate the number of Chinese executions and have come to some extremely high numbers: The Dui Hua Foundation estimated that 4,000 were executed during 2011, for example. Why is China's rate of execution so high?...

Another factor is the number of laws for which execution is a possible punishment in China – in 2011, it was reported to be 55, and included a number of economic crimes (for example, last year Zeng Chengjie, "China's Madoff," was executed in secret for fraud).Despite the lack of transparency, China does appear to be trying to get the number of executions down – the 55 crimes punishable by death was a reduction of 13 from previous numbers, and some estimates have the number of executions halving over the past decade.

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Every post I make is being moderated, nice one pissedconsumer - do you see the irony here?


Anyone on here know where you can get a cheap last minute package holiday to Spain?...I have about 200 quid to spend.

Well, I thought I would at least ask. I have about 200 quid to spend

Kano, Kano, Nigeria #837335

Nigerian Letter or “419” Fraud

Nigerian letter frauds combine the threat of impersonation fraud with a variation of an advance fee scheme in which a letter mailed from Nigeria offers the recipient the “opportunity” to share in a percentage of millions of dollars that the author—a self-proclaimed government official—is trying to transfer illegally out of Nigeria.The recipient is encouraged to send information to the author, such as blank letterhead stationery, bank name and account numbers, and other identifying information using a fax number provided in the letter.

Some of these letters have also been received via e-mail through the Internet. The scheme relies on convincing a willing victim, who has demonstrated a “propensity for larceny” by responding to the invitation, to send money to the author of the letter in Nigeria in several installments of increasing amounts for a variety of reasons.

Payment of taxes, bribes to government officials, and legal fees are often described in great detail with the promise that all expenses will be reimbursed as soon as the funds are spirited out of Nigeria. In actuality, the millions of dollars do not exist, and the victim eventually ends up with nothing but loss. Once the victim stops sending money, the perpetrators have been known to use the personal information and checks that they received to impersonate the victim, draining bank accounts and credit card balances.

While such an invitation impresses...

Tips for Avoiding Nigerian Letter or “419” Fraud:

If you receive a letter from Nigeria asking you to send personal or banking information, do not reply in any manner.

Send the letter to the U.S. Secret Service, your local FBI office, or the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. You can also register a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission’s Complaint Assistant.

If you know someone who is corresponding in one of these schemes, encourage that person to contact the FBI or the U.S.

Secret Service as soon as possible. Be skeptical of individuals representing themselves as Nigerian or foreign government officials asking for your help in placing large sums of money in overseas bank accounts.

Do not believe the promise of large sums of money for your cooperation.Guard your account information carefully.

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Santa Ana, California, United States #837332

President Xi Jinping made a splash by announcing that China will ease its one-child policy and end its notorious policy of re-education through labor camps.

This is good news and represents an important step forward in reducing human rights abuses.But it would be naive to think this effort will seriously address the human rights problems in China.

If human rights were the primary concern, more specific actions would have been taken.

Xi and the Communist Party have other priorities.

Under the new family planning policy, couples will be able to have two children if one spouse is an only child. Until now, both spouses need to be only children or they must be from the ethnic minorities to be allowed to have two children. This is a modest change that will mainly benefit the upwardly mobile middle class living in cities.

The easing of the one-child policy cannot end the main abuses associated with it since it does not put an end to forced termination of unauthorized pregnancies, even at very late term. Nor does it remove power from the local authorities in enforcing the one-child policy, who have regularly been responsible for abuses.

The changes introduced are meant to deal with the projected decline in population, which would threaten China's capacity to sustain its economic growth.

They're also meant to lessen the burden on the state in looking after the aging population before China becomes wealthy enough to handle the...

The government can jail these people for several years and force them to work at next to no wage -- all without going through the judicial process and without receiving a conviction. There is absolutely no place for such a policy in any country in the 21st century. It's about time that China do away with it. However, if the Communist Party were committed to tackle human rights abuses, it would have also outlawed other similar practices.

Many of those jailed in labor camps are individuals who had grievances and tried to seek redress. Some of them were simply petitioners. They were deemed by local authorities to have challenged their power, or they were seen as destabilizing elements in society. Unless the practice of putting petitioners in "black jails" (informal detention facilities) is abolished, ending the labor camps will have limited effect in reducing human rights abuses.

There is no indication other similarly repressive measures will be terminated. What the party will achieve is removing a source of discontent toward the government. By doing so, Xi projects himself as a reformer who is going beyond where his predecessors were willing to do. But so far, he has done nothing to allow ordinary citizens to challenge the Communist Party's monopoly of power in any way, or acknowledge that the rights of dissidents or petitioners must be protected.

What is obvious with these Xi reforms is that they are really meant for one purpose only. It is to strengthen the capacity of the Communist Party to govern more effectively and to reduce the reasons for the Chinese population to find the party's rule objectionable.

These changes will not alter the nature of the political system at all.China's political system is anti-democratic in nature and is first and foremost dedicated to keeping the Communist Party in power.

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I just love the comments on here, this site is soooooooooooo funny. You learn a lot of good information just by coming on here.


to Anon #837233

The only thing funny on here mate is the joke website - what an utter pile of ***. The initial post- fair enough but the general comments make mockery of the whole thing.

to wtf #839099

C'mon, without awesome sites like this, how would those in charge generate the economy for what they do. They are doing the reputational equivalent of smashing your windows so they can sell you new glass.

to St Helens Gl*** #839100

Very true my friend, these lot are criminals

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #837219

Love it - finally a website that allows people to post anything they want without recourse. You can literally post anything and good old laws of free speech are there to protect.

Santa Ana, California, United States #835196

Shang dynasty (c.1600–1046 BC)

Remnants of advanced, stratified societies dating back to the Shang found primarily in the Yellow River Valley

Main article: Shang dynasty

Capital: Yin, near Anyang

Archaeological findings providing evidence for the existence of the Shang dynasty, c.

1600–1046 BC, are divided into two sets. The first set – from the earlier Shang period – comes from sources at Erligang, Zhengzhou, and Shangcheng. The second set – from the later Shang or Yin (殷) period – is at Anyang, in modern-day Henan, which has been confirmed as the last of the Shang's nine capitals (c. 1300–1046 BC).[citation needed] The findings at Anyang include the earliest written record of Chinese past so far discovered: inscriptions of divination records in ancient Chinese writing on the bones or shells of animals – the so-called "oracle bones", dating from around 1200 BC.[15]

31 Kings reined over the Shang dynasty.

During their rein, according to the Records of the Grand Historian, the capital city was moved six times.[citation needed] The final (and most important) move was to Yin in 1350 BC which led to the dynasty's golden age[citation needed]. The term Yin dynasty has been synonymous with the Shang dynasty in history, although it has lately been used to specifically refer to the latter half of the Shang dynasty.[citation needed] Chinese historians living in later periods were accustomed to the notion of one dynasty...

The evidence is inconclusive in proving how far the Shang realm extended from Anyang. The leading hypothesis is that Anyang, ruled by the same Shang in the official history, coexisted and traded with numerous other culturally diverse settlements in the area that is now referred to as China proper.[citation needed] Zhou dynasty (1046–256 BC) Bronze ritual vessel (You), Western Zhou dynasty Main articles: Zhou dynasty and Iron Age China Capitals: Xi'an, Luoyang The Zhou dynasty was the longest-lasting dynasty in Chinese history, from 1066 BC to approximately 256 BC. By the end of the 2nd millennium BC, the Zhou dynasty began to emerge in the Yellow River valley, overrunning the territory of the Shang. The Zhou appeared to have begun their rule under a semi-feudal system.

The Zhou lived west of the Shang, and the Zhou leader had been appointed "Western Protector" by the Shang. The ruler of the Zhou, King Wu, with the assistance of his brother, the Duke of Zhou, as regent, managed to defeat the Shang at the Battle of Muye. The king of Zhou at this time invoked the concept of the Mandate of Heaven to legitimize his rule, a concept that would be influential for almost every succeeding dynasty. Like Shangdi, Heaven (tian) ruled over all the other gods, and it decided who would rule China.

It was believed that a ruler had lost the Mandate of Heaven when natural disasters occurred in great number, and when, more realistically, the sovereign had apparently lost his concern for the people. In response, the royal house would be overthrown, and a new house would rule, having been granted the Mandate of Heaven. The Zhou initially moved their capital west to an area near modern Xi'an, on the Wei River, a tributary of the Yellow River, but they would preside over a series of expansions into the Yangtze River valley. This would be the first of many population migrations from north to south in Chinese history.

Spring and Autumn period (722–476 BC) Chinese pu vessel with interlaced dragon design, Spring and Autumn period Main article: Spring and Autumn period Capitals: Beijing (State of Yan); Xi'an (State of Qin) In the 8th century BC, power became decentralized during the Spring and Autumn period, named after the influential Spring and Autumn Annals. In this period, local military leaders used by the Zhou began to assert their power and vie for hegemony. The situation was aggravated by the invasion of other peoples from the northwest, such as the Qin, forcing the Zhou to move their capital east to Luoyang. This marks the second major phase of the Zhou dynasty: the Eastern Zhou.

The Spring and Autumn period is marked by a falling apart of the central Zhou power. In each of the hundreds of states that eventually arose, local strongmen held most of the political power and continued their subservience to the Zhou kings in name only. Some local leaders even started using royal titles for themselves. China now consisted of hundreds of states, some of them only as large as a village with a fort.

The Hundred Schools of Thought of Chinese philosophy blossomed during this period, and such influential intellectual movements as Confucianism, Taoism, Legalism and Mohism were founded, partly in response to the changing political world. Warring States period (476–221 BC) Main article: Warring States period Capitals: several (multiple states) After further political consolidation, seven prominent states remained by the end of 5th century BC, and the years in which these few states battled each other are known as the Warring States period. Though there remained a nominal Zhou king until 256 BC, he was largely a figurehead and held little real power. As neighboring territories of these warring states, including areas of modern Sichuan and Liaoning, were annexed, they were governed under the new local administrative system of commandery and prefecture (郡縣/郡县).

This system had been in use since the Spring and Autumn period, and parts can still be seen in the modern system of Sheng & Xian (province and county, 省縣/省县). The final expansion in this period began during the reign of Ying Zheng, the king of Qin. His unification of the other six powers, and further annexations in the modern regions of Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and Guangxi in 214 BC, enabled him to proclaim himself the First Emperor (Qin Shi Huang). Imperial China Qin dynasty (221–206 BC) Qin Shi Huang Main article: Qin dynasty Capital: Xianyang Historians often refer to the period from Qin dynasty to the end of Qing dynasty as Imperial China.

Though the unified reign of the First Qin Emperor lasted only 12 years, he managed to subdue great parts of what constitutes the core of the Han Chinese homeland and to unite them under a tightly centralized Legalist government seated at Xianyang (close to modern Xi'an). The doctrine of Legalism that guided the Qin emphasized strict adherence to a legal code and the absolute power of the emperor. This philosophy, while effective for expanding the empire in a military fashion, proved unworkable for governing it in peacetime. The Qin Emperor[when defined as?] presided over the brutal silencing of political opposition, including the event known as the burning of books and burying of scholars.

This would be the impetus behind the later Han synthesis incorporating the more moderate schools of political governance. The Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang The Qin dynasty is well known for beginning the Great Wall of China, which was later augmented and enhanced during the Ming dynasty. The other major contributions of the Qin include the concept of a centralized government, the unification of the legal code, development of the written language, measurement, and currency of China after the tribulations of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods. Even something as basic as the length of axles for carts had to be made uniform to ensure a viable trading system throughout the empire.

Han dynasty (202 BC–AD 220) Main article: Han dynasty Further information: History of the Han dynasty Capitals: Chang'an, Luoyang, Liyang, Xuchang Western Han A Han dynasty oil lamp, with sliding shutter, in the shape of a kneeling female servant (2nd century BC) The Han dynasty was founded by Liu Bang, who emerged victorious in the civil war that followed the collapse of the unified but short-lived Qin dynasty. A golden age in Chinese history, the Han dynasty's long period of stability and prosperity consolidated the foundation of China as a unified state under a central imperial bureaucracy, which was to last intermittently for most of the next two millennium. During the Han dynasty, territory of China was extended to most of the China proper and to areas far west. Confucianism was officially elevated to orthodox status and was to shape the subsequent Chinese Civilization.

Art, Culture and Science all advanced to unprecedented heights. With the profound and lasting impacts of this period of Chinese history, the dynasty name "Han" had been taken as the name of the Chinese people, now the dominant ethnic group in modern China, and had been commonly used to refer to Chinese language and written characters. After the initial Laissez-faire policies of Emperors Wen and Jing, the ambitious Emperor Wu brought the empire to its zenith. To consolidate his power, Confucianism, which emphasizes stability and order in a well-structured society, was given exclusive patronage to be the guiding philosophical thoughts and moral principles of the empire.

Imperial Universities were established to support its study and further development, while other schools of thoughts were discouraged. Major military campaigns were launched to weaken the nomadic Xiongnu Empire, limiting their influence north of the Great Wall. Along with the diplomatic efforts led by Zhang Qian, the sphere of influence of the Han Empire extended to the states in the Tarim Basin, opened up the Silk Road that connected China to west, stimulating prosperous bilateral trades and cultural exchange. To the south, various small kingdoms far beyond the Yangtze River Valley were formally incorporated into the empire.

Emperor Wu also dispatched a series of military campaigns against the Baiyue tribes. The Han annexed Minyue in 135 BC and 111 BC, Nanyue in 111 BC, and Dian in 109 BC.[16] Migration and military expeditions led to the cultural assimilation of the south.[17] It also brought the Han into contact with kingdoms in Southeast Asia, introducing diplomacy and trade.[18] After Emperor Wu, the empire slipped into gradual stagnation and decline. Economically, the state treasury was strained by excessive campaigns and projects, while land acquisitions by elite families gradually drained the tax base. Various consort clans exerted increasing control over strings of incompetent emperors and eventually the dynasty was briefly interrupted by the usurpation of Wang Mang.

Xin dynasty In AD 9, the usurper Wang Mang claimed that the Mandate of Heaven called for the end of the Han dynasty and the rise of his own, and he founded the short-lived Xin ("New") dynasty. Wang Mang started an extensive program of land and other economic reforms, including the outlawing of slavery and land nationalization and redistribution. These programs, however, were never supported by the landholding families, because they favored the peasants. The instability of power brought about chaos, uprisings, and loss of territories.

This was compounded by mass flooding of the Yellow River; silt buildup caused it to split into two channels and displaced large numbers of farmers. Wang Mang was eventually killed in Weiyang Palace by an enraged peasant mob in AD 23. Eastern Han Emperor Guangwu reinstated the Han dynasty with the support of landholding and merchant families at Luoyang, east of the former capital Xi'an. Thus, this new era is termed the Eastern Han dynasty.

With the capable administrations of Emperors Ming and Zhang, former glories of the dynasty was reclaimed, with brilliant military and cultural achievements. The Xiongnu Empire was decisively defeated. The diplomat and general Ban Chao further expanded the conquests across the Pamirs to the shores of the Caspian Sea,[19] thus reopening the Silk Road, and bringing trade, foreign cultures, along with the arrival of Buddhism. With extensive connections with the west, the first of several Roman embassies to China were recorded in Chinese sources, coming from the sea route in AD 166, and a second one in AD 284.

The Eastern Han dynasty was one of the most prolific era of science and technology in ancient China, notably the historic invention of papermaking by Cai Lun, and the numerous contributions by the polymath Zhang Heng. By the 2nd century, the empire declined amidst land acquisitions, invasions, and feuding between consort clans and eunuchs. The Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out in AD 184, ushering in an era of warlords. In the ensuing turmoil, three states tried to gain predominance in the period of the Three Kingdoms.

This time period has been greatly romanticized in works such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Wei and Jin period (AD 265–420) Main articles: Cao Wei and Jin dynasty (265-420) Capitals: Luoyang (Cao Wei and Western Jin); Chengdu (Shu Han); Jiankang (Eastern Wu and Eastern Jin); Chang'an (Western Jin) After Cao Cao reunified the north in 208, his son proclaimed the Wei dynasty in 220. Soon, Wei's rivals Shu and Wu proclaimed their independence, leading China into the Three Kingdoms period. This period was characterized by a gradual decentralization of the state that had existed during the Qin and Han dynasties, and an increase in the power of great families.

Although the Three Kingdoms were reunified by the Jin dynasty in 280, this structure was essentially the same until the Wu Hu uprising. Wu Hu period (AD 304–439) Main articles: Sixteen Kingdoms and Wu Hu uprising Capitals: several (multiple states) Taking advantage of civil war in the Jin dynasty, the contemporary non-Han Chinese (Wu Hu) ethnic groups controlled much of the country in the early 4th century and provoked large-scale Han Chinese migrations to south of the Yangtze River. In 303 the Di people rebelled and later captured Chengdu, establishing the state of Cheng Han. Under Liu Yuan, the Xiongnu rebelled near today's Linfen County and established the state of Han Zhao.

Liu Yuan's successor Liu Cong captured and executed the last two Western Jin emperors. Sixteen kingdoms were a plethora of short-lived non-Chinese dynasties that came to rule the whole or parts of northern China in the 4th and 5th centuries. Many ethnic groups were involved, including ancestors of the Turks, Mongols, and Tibetans. Most of these nomadic peoples had, to some extent, been "sinicized" long before their ascent to power.

In fact, some of them, notably the Qiang and the Xiongnu, had already been allowed to live in the frontier regions within the Great Wall since late Han times. A limestone statue of the Bodhisattva, from the Northern Qi dynasty, AD 570, made in what is now modern Henan province. Southern and Northern Dynasties (AD 420–589) Main article: Southern and Northern Dynasties Capitals: Ye, Chang'an (Northern Dynasties); Jiankang (Southern Dynasties) Signaled by the collapse of East Jin dynasty in 420, China entered the era of the Southern and Northern Dynasties. The Han people managed to survive the military attacks from the nomadic tribes of the north, such as the Xianbei, and their civilization continued to thrive.

In southern China, fierce debates about whether Buddhism should be allowed to exist were held frequently by the royal court and nobles. Finally, near the end of the Southern and Northern Dynasties era, both Buddhist and Taoist followers compromised and became more tolerant of each other. In 589, Sui annexed the last Southern dynasty, Chen, through military force, and put an end to the era of Southern and Northern Dynasties. Sui dynasty (AD 589–618) Main article: Sui dynasty Capital: Daxing (official); Dongdu (secondary) The Sui dynasty, which managed to reunite the country in 589 after nearly four centuries of political fragmentation, played a role more important than its length of existence would suggest.

The Sui brought China together again and set up many institutions that were to be adopted by their successors, the Tang.

These included the government system of Three Departments and Six Ministries, standard coinage, improved defense and expansion of the Great Wall, and official support for Buddhism.Like the Qin, however, the Sui overused their resources and collapsed.

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I have always felt that anyone involved in this bile should have a good old rogering.Back in my day at boarding school, we had a system and boy did that work, if you didn't do what you were told and jump to it then it would be soggy biscuits for a week and a good old buggering.

We rogered them senseless!! Those naughty little boys could not sit for weeks and if it was a repeat offender then it would phallic time and quadruple "gary" - gave a whole new meaning to the name "toad in the hole" it was like a relay team in there!

Back then men were men and boy were.., well......., fodder.., we always did them dry and without a condom, if they were lucky we would use a little spit, but that was all and the best part was, after we finished off inside their jacksy we would make them lick of the brown.

Looking back, how many of these boys pulled this kind of baloney eh???? None! They all went on to play the role of "top" and to *** the next generation of would be scallywags.

There are lesions here which are:


Rogering bloody-well works 2. It's fun and you always get to "pop your cookies" and no one gets pregnant. 3. If you are down the clinic getting tested, then you are not out ripping people off 4.

You are a better citizen, if you cannot sit then OAP's can sit down in your place on the bus 5. Team building. It takes a lot of cooperation if 4 of you need to get into a jacksy at once. 6.

You have more empathy with...

In summary, whoever has rogered this lot, did so with a chicken-neck and didn't invite his chums.Unbelievable!

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The earliest railways employed horses to draw carts along railway tracks.[2] In 1784, William Murdoch, a Scottish inventor, built a prototype steam road locomotive.[3] An early working model of a steam rail locomotive was designed and constructed by steamboat pioneer John Fitch in the US probably during the 1780s or 1790s.[4] His steam locomotive used interior bladed wheels guided by rails or tracks.The model still exists at the Ohio Historical Society Museum in Columbus.[5]

The first full-scale working railway steam locomotive was built by Richard Trevithick in the United Kingdom and, on 21 February 1804, the world's first railway journey took place as Trevithick's unnamed steam locomotive hauled a train along the tramway from the Pen-y-darren ironworks, near Merthyr Tydfil to Abercynon in South Wales.[6][7] Accompanied with Andrew Vivian, it ran with mixed success.[8] The design incorporated a number of important innovations that included using high-pressure steam which reduced the weight of the engine and increased its efficiency.

Trevithick visited the Newcastle area in 1804 and he had a ready audience of colliery owners and engineers. The visit was so successful that the colliery railways in north-east England became the leading centre for experimentation and development of the steam locomotive.[9] Trevithick continued his own steam propulsion experiments through another trio of locomotives, concluding with the Catch Me Who Can in 1808. Four years...

This locomotive is the oldest preserved, and is on static display in the Science Museum, London. George Stephenson built the Locomotion for the Stockton and Darlington Railway, north-east England, which was the first public steam railway in the world. In 1829, he built The Rocket which was entered in and won the Rainhill Trials. This success led to Stephenson establishing his company as the pre-eminent builder of steam locomotives used on railways in the UK, US and much of Europe.[11] The Liverpool and Manchester Railway opened a year later making exclusive use of steam power for passenger and goods trains.

The US started developing steam locomotives in 1830 with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad's Tom Thumb.

This was the first US-built locomotive to run in America, Stourbridge Lion being the first, although it was intended as a demonstration of the potential of steam traction, rather than as a revenue-earning locomotive. Many of the earliest locomotives for American railroads were imported from Great Britain, including the Stourbridge Lion and the John Bull (still the oldest operable engine-powered vehicle in the United States of any kind, as of 1981) but a domestic locomotive manufacturing industry was quickly established, with locomotives like the DeWitt Clinton being built in the 1830s.[11]

The first railway service in Continental Europe (or for that matter, anywhere outside the UK and the US) was opened on 5 May 1835 in Belgium, between Mechelen and Brussels. The name of the locomotive used was The Elephant.

In Germany the first working steam locomotive was a rack-and-pinion engine, similar to the Salamanca, designed by the British locomotive pioneer John Blenkinsop. Built in June 1816 by Johann Friedrich Krigar in the Royal Berlin Iron Foundry (Königlichen Eisengießerei zu Berlin), the locomotive ran on a circular track in the factory yard.

It was the first locomotive to be built on the European mainland and the first steam-powered passenger service, because curious onlookers could ride in the attached coaches for a fee. It is portrayed on a New Year's badge for the Royal Foundry dated 1816. Another locomotive was built using the same system in 1817. They were to be used on pit railways in Königshütte and in Luisenthal on the Saar (today part of Völklingen), but neither could be returned to working order after being dismantled, moved and reassembled.

On 7 December 1835 the Adler ran for the first time between Nuremberg and Fürth on the Bavarian Ludwig Railway. It was the 118th engine from the locomotive works of Robert Stephenson and stood under patent protection.

The Austria, the first locomotive in Austria In 1837 the first steam railway started in Austria on the Emperor Ferdinand Northern Railway between Vienna-Floridsdorf and Deutsch-Wagram. The oldest continually working steam engine in the world also runs in Austria: the GKB 671 built in 1860, has never been taken out of service, and is still used for special excursions. In 1838 the third steam locomotive to be built in Germany, the Saxonia, was manufactured by the Maschinenbaufirma Übigau near Dresden, built by Prof.

Johann Andreas Schubert. The first independently designed locomotive in Germany was the Beuth built by August Borsig in 1841. In 1848 the first locomotive produced by Henschel-Werke in Kassel, the Drache, was delivered.

The first railway line over Swiss territory was the Strasbourg–Basle line opened in 1844.Three years later, in 1847, the first fully Swiss railway line, the Spanisch Brötli Bahn, from Zürich to Baden was opened.

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I have always felt that anyone involved in this bile should have a good old rogering.Back in my day at boarding school, we had *** and boy did that work, if you didn't do what you were told and jump to it then it would be soggy biscuits for a week and a good old buggering.

We rogered them senseless!! Those naughty little boys could not sit for weeks and if it was a repeat offender then it would *** and quadruple "gary" - gave a whole new meaning to the name "toad in the hole" it was like a relay team in there!

Back then men were men and boy were.., well......., fodder.., we always did them dry and without a condom, if they were lucky we would use a little spit, but that was all and the best part was, after we finished off inside their jacksy we would make them lick of the brown.

Looking back, how many of these boys pulled this kind of baloney eh???? None! They all went on to play the role of "top" and to *** the next generation of would be scallywags.

There are lesions here which are:


Rogering bloody-well works 2. It's fun and you always get to "pop your cookies" and no one gets pregnant. 3. If you are down the clinic getting tested, then you are not out ripping people off 4.

You are a better citizen, if you cannot sit then OAP's can sit down in your place on the bus 5. Team building. It takes a lot of cooperation if 4 of you need to get into a jacksy at once. 6.

You have more empathy with your future...

In summary, whoever has rogered this lot, did so with a chicken-neck and didn't invite his chums.Unbelievable!

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I have always felt that anyone involved in this bile should have a good old rogering.Back in my day at boarding school, we had *** and boy did that work, if you didn't do what you were told and jump to it then it would be soggy biscuits for a week and a good old buggering.

We rogered them senseless!! Those naughty little boys could not sit for weeks and if it was a repeat offender then it would *** and quadruple "gary" - gave a whole new meaning to the name "toad in the hole" it was like a relay team in there!

Back then men were men and boy were.., well......., fodder.., we always did them dry and without a condom, if they were lucky we would use a little spit, but that was all and the best part was, after we finished off inside their jacksy we would make them lick of the brown.

Looking back, how many of these boys pulled this kind of baloney eh???? None! They all went on to play the role of "top" and to *** the next generation of would be scallywags.

There are lesions here which are:


Rogering bloody-well works 2. It's fun and you always get to "pop your cookies" and no one gets pregnant. 3. If you are down the clinic getting tested, then you are not out ripping people off 4.

You are a better citizen, if you cannot sit then OAP's can sit down in your place on the bus 5. Team building. It takes a lot of cooperation if 4 of you need to get into a jacksy at once. 6.

You have more empathy with your future...

In summary, whoever has rogered this lot, did so with a chicken-neck and didn't invite his chums.Unbelievable!

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Los Angeles (Listeni/lɔːs ˈændʒələs/, /lɔːs ˈæŋɡələs/ or Listeni/lɒs ˈændʒəliːz/, Spanish: Los Ángeles [los ˈaŋxeles] meaning The Angels), officially the City of Los Angeles, often known by its initials L.A., is the most populous city in the U.S.state of California and the second-most populous in the United States, after New York City, with a population at the 2010 United States Census of 3,792,621.[7] It has a land area of 469 square miles (1,215 km2), and is located in Southern California.

The city is the focal point of the larger Los Angeles–Long Beach–Santa Ana metropolitan statistical area and Greater Los Angeles Area region, which contain 13 million[8] and over 18 million people in Combined statistical area respectively as of 2010, making it one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world[9] and the second-largest in the United States.[10] Los Angeles is also the seat of Los Angeles County, the most populated and one of the most ethnically diverse counties[11] in the United States, while the entire Los Angeles area itself has been recognized as the most diverse of the nation's largest cities.[12] The city's inhabitants are referred to as Angelenos.[13]

Los Angeles was founded on September 4, 1781, by Spanish governor Felipe de Neve.[14] It became a part of Mexico in 1821 following the Mexican War of Independence.[15] In 1848, at the end of the Mexican–American War, Los Angeles and the rest of California were purchased as part of the Treaty...

Nicknamed the City of Angels, Los Angeles is a global city, with strengths in business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology, education, medicine and research and has been ranked sixth in the Global Cities Index and 9th Global Economic Power Index.

The city is home to renowned institutions covering a broad range of professional and cultural fields and is one of the most substantial economic engines within the United States.The Los Angeles combined statistical area (CSA) has a gross metropolitan product (GMP) of $831 billion (as of 2008), making it the third-largest in the world, after the Greater Tokyo and New York metropolitan areas.[18] Los Angeles includes Hollywood and leads the world in the creation of television productions, video games, and recorded music; it is also one of the leaders in motion picture production.[19] Additionally, Los Angeles hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 1932 and 1984.

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Streets of Rage (ベア・ナックル 怒りの鉄拳 Bea Nakkuru: Ikari no Tekken?, "Bare Knuckle: Furious Iron Fist") is a side-scrolling beat 'em up released by Sega in 1991 for the Mega Drive.It is the first installment of the Bare Knuckle/Streets of Rage series which was followed by Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3.

The game was also converted over to Sega's Game Gear, Mega-CD and Master System. In 2007, the game was released for the Wii's Virtual Console in North America and Europe, and in 2009 it was released for the iOS via the App Store. The game was again made available as part of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection in 2009 on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

There was also a comic strip series based upon the games which appeared in Sonic the Comic. These three stories are based on Streets of Rage 2 and do not feature Adam.

The game features an acclaimed chiptune soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro, who released it as an album in the Japanese music market.

Similar to the game Golden Axe which was released two years prior by Sega, enemies walk onto the screen from both sides as well as occasionally appearing from other locations. The player must defeat each opponent to progress through eight locations, known as rounds. With the exception of round 7, there is a boss battle at the end of every round with a disproportionately large enemy. Unlike its sequels, none of the enemies are named within the game (only in the Japanese version's manual) and...

As in contemporary games Double Dragon and Final Fight, weapons can be picked up, and these include bottles and drainpipes. In Streets of Rage, the special attack is assistance from a police car which will pull up at the level's left and fire explosives, taking health from all enemies. The player is given one special attack per life or per level, with power-ups shaped like police cars giving another. In round 8, the special attack can't be used.

There are three playable characters in the game.

Adam Hunter is noticeably slower but stronger than the other characters. Axel Stone is the most moderate of the three characters, as he is slightly slower but stronger than Blaze and faster yet slightly weaker than Adam. His only negative attribute is his weak jumping ability compared to the other characters. Blaze Fielding is somewhat weaker than the other characters but is the most agile of the three as she can jump the highest and move about more quickly.

Her jump attacks have the longest range, and (because of her judo abilities) her throws and body slams have the highest damage.


Plot[edit] The city was once peaceful but has now been taken over by a criminal syndicate, including the police. There is mass violence. Adam Hunter (an accomplished boxer), Axel Stone (skilled martial artist) and Blaze Fielding (judo expert) are ex-police officers who are trying to fight the syndicate. Depending on whether the game is played as one-player or two-player co-op and the player accepts or rejects Mr.

X's offer to become his henchman, there is a possibility for an alternate ending where the player becomes the new head of the crime syndicate. Endings[edit] There are two possible endings to the game. The "Good" ending is achieved for simply completing the game. The "Bad Ending" can only be achieved in 2-player mode when the final boss is confronted.

When he asks you to join him, one player says "Yes", and the other says "No", he will tell the player who said "Yes" to prove his loyalty by killing the other player. If the player who said "Yes" wins this fight, and then turns down the boss' final offer, he must fight the boss alone. If he succeeds, the "Bad Ending" will play, where the character sits on the final boss' chair, with the text: "You Became the Boss! You are Great!".

After the credits roll, the character laughs, and then the words "BAD END" appear. However, if both players say "Yes" (or if it is chosen in 1-player mode), the boss will ask to test the players' loyalty and sends them back to an earlier stage to fight, and they must replay the game from that level. Versions[edit] 8-bit versions[edit] A version of Streets of Rage for both the Sega Game Gear (1992) and Sega Master System (1993) were made. The Game Gear version suffers from poor color palette and gameplay.

It also omits Adam from the game and does not have the sprite animation for kneeing enemies. It features 2 players support by cable link. It also has only 5 rounds instead of 8. The Master System version has a different graphic engine and gameplay mechanics, not being a port from the Game Gear version as was common in the later years of the system.

It also features a boss on Round 6 which is not found in any other version of the game. It is further simplified from the Game Gear version, with cut-down music and introduction, a lack of any 2 player support and typically only one or two enemy characters on-screen at any time. Arcade[edit] Sega ported Streets of Rage to arcade cabinets using both their Mega Tech and Mega Play arcade boards, the difference being that in the Mega Tech version you pay for time, not credits. Collections[edit] A signature title and franchise for Sega during the Mega Drive era, the title was collected often: firstly Mega Games II (with Golden Axe and Revenge Of Shinobi) that was later bundled with the Sega Mega Drive.

Sega Classics Arcade Collection (a Mega-CD compilation with the two previously mentioned titles, plus Super Monaco GP and Columns, also available as in cartridge format for Mega Drive II). The voice effects for the characters in this version of the game were all redone. Sega Genesis 6-PAK (composed of Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog, Columns, Revenge of Shinobi, Golden Axe and Super Hang-On); and Mega 6 (composed of Streets of Rage, World Cup Italia '90, Columns, Super Monaco GP, Revenge of Shinobi and Sonic the Hedgehog). Streets of Rage, along with its two sequels, was included in the Japanese Version of the Sonic Gems Collection for the GameCube and PlayStation 2, but was omitted from the North American GameCube version to avoid it gaining a T rating, and also from the European GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions for similar reasons.

They are now also available on GameTap. Streets of Rage, along with both of its sequels are included in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In 2012, Streets of Rage Collection, a package of all three Streets of Rage games, was released on Xbox Live Arcade, as part of the Sega Vintage Collection range of titles.[2] A PlayStation Network release has not been announced. Virtual Console[edit] The Genesis version of Streets of Rage was made available for the Wii Virtual Console in North America on February 19, 2007 and in Europe on March 2, 2007.

Handheld Console[edit] The handheld version of Streets of Rage was made available by Blaze Europe in November 2009. The console features both Streets of Rage 1 and Streets of Rage 3 and 16 other Sega Mega Drive titles. iOS[edit] Streets Of Rage was released for the iOS platform (that is, the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) in 2009. Like most Genesis ports on the App Store, the emulation quality isn't where it should be, especially on the 3GS.

Unlike all the other Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle ports, the 2 player mode (and therefore the bad ending, as well as any cheats that require a 2nd controller) is completely disabled in this version. However, the demo (by waiting on the title screen) is played with 2 players, and the Bad Ending music is still playable under the Sound Test. Also, the main menu screen (before actually starting the game) shows a zoomed-in version of the original box art. Steam[edit] On 26 January 2011 Streets of Rage was released on Valve's Steam platform, both as a standalone purchase and part of the SEGA Mega Drive Classics Pack 4.

Legacy[edit] [hide]Reception Review scores Publication Score MegaTech 92%[3] MegaTech magazine said it had "excellent sprites, backdrops and brilliant music. Add in great gameplay and simultaneous two-player action and you've got an essential buy". Mega placed the game at #6 in their Top Mega Drive Games of All Time.[4] Streets of Rage was followed by two sequels: Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3. There were plans for two further sequels to Streets of Rage, one of which was developed by Core Design for the Sega Saturn, But Sega pulled the Streets of Rage name during development after a disagreement with Core about porting it to rival formats.

The game was eventually released on the PlayStation, Windows and Nintendo 64 as Fighting Force. Comics[edit] Three six-part comic strip series based upon the games appeared in Sonic the Comic in the early 1990s (along with several other adaptations of popular Sega franchises). The first two of these was written by Mark Millar, who has since become popular writing The Authority for Wildstorm and Ultimate X-Men and The Ultimates for Marvel, while the third (and a Poster Mag story) was written by Nigel Kitching. Peter Richardson produced the artwork for all nineteen episodes.

These three stories are based on Streets of Rage 2 and do not feature Adam. The first story, simply entitled Streets of Rage, appeared in STC #7-12 and involved Axel, Blaze, and Max quitting the highly corrupt police force in order to do more good as vigilantes, taking down Max's ex-partner; the crime lord and martial artist Hawk. The next serial, Skates' Story, appeared in STC #25-30 and introduced Skates, delinquent stepson of Murphy, a friend of Axel and his team and one of the few honest cops left on the force, who was unwillingly drawn into joining Axel's group after his parents were killed by Mr X. A special one-off story, called The Facts of Life, appeared in "Sonic the Poster Mag" #7 and involved the heroes causing a racket by fighting one of the many street gangs in a sleeping neighborhood.

The police arrive and arrest the thugs, as well as take the heroes to a junkyard for execution. Along the way, Axel explains why he, Blaze, and Max quit the force to a young rookie officer. At the junkyard, just as the officers are about to shoot Max, the rookie officer unlocks Blaze's handcuffs, who proceeds to beat the stuffing out of the cops, with Axel, Skates, and Max following shortly. After the dust clears, the rookie officer says that he's seen the true colors of the police force and requests that Axel hit him.

Axel does so until Blaze tells him to stop, and they and Max and Skates leave as dawn breaks. The third and final serial, called The Only Game In Town, appeared in STC #41-46 and involved the Syndicate unleashing an army of street gangs on our heroes, with the event turned into a gambling event as Mr. X opened a book based on whether or not the heroes would reach the river without being killed first. This ploy was played against the villain when Blaze bet on twenty-thousand dollars on her team's survival at odds of a thousand to one.

This third story was notable for revealing that, for his failure, the old Mr. X had been the victim of a "swimming accident" and had been replaced with a new one by the Syndicate at story's end. Like many non-Sonic stories in this magazine, the story had a cliff-hanger ending, with the new Mr. X promising that he would "recoup his losses" and kill the heroes.

Soundtracks[edit] Main article: Discography of the Streets of Rage series Streets of Rage - "Attack of the Barbarian" (1991) Menu 0:00 . Sample of "Attack of the Barbarian" demonstrating elements of chiptune, techno and house music. Streets of Rage - "The Last Soul" (1991) Menu 0:00 . Sample of the final stage theme "The Last Soul" from the game's soundtrack.

Problems playing these files? See media help. The game's chiptune soundtrack was acclaimed, with several soundtrack albums being released. The soundtracks were composed by Yuzo Koshiro.

Another musician, Motohiro Kawashima, helped on the second, providing a few tracks, and making even more for the third. Three soundtrack CDs were released in all, each of which now sell for high prices at auction and in Japanese markets. When the first game's development began in 1990, Koshiro was influenced by electronic dance music, or club music, specifically techno and house music, and wanted to be the first to introduce those sounds to chiptune and video game music. The soundtrack shows the influence of contemporary R&B and hip hop music.

Koshiro said the most important element in recreating club music sounds for the games was to emulate the timbre and percussion sounds of Roland's rhythm machines (the most famous models being the TR-606, TR-707, TR-808, and TR-909), stating that "it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that that sound defined the genre."[5] The soundtracks for the Streets of Rage series were composed using then outdated PC-8801 hardware alongside Koshiro's own original audio programming language. According to Koshiro: "For Bare Knuckle I used the PC88 and an original programming language I developed myself. The original was called MML, Music Macro Language. It's based on NEC's BASIC program, but I modified it heavily.

It was more a BASIC-style language at first, but I modified it to be something more like Assembly.

I called it ‘Music Love'.I used it for all the Bare Knuckle Games."[6] The soundtracks, particularly Streets of Rage 2, are considered "revolutionary" and ahead of their time.[7][8] GamesRadar considers the soundtracks to have some of the best video game music ever composed.[9] Great great game

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Death Penalty

China continued to make extensive use of the death penalty, including for non-violent crimes. The death sentence continued to be imposed after unfair trials. Statistics on death sentences and executions remained classified as state secrets and, while executions numbered in the thousands, the government did not release actual figures.


Amnesty International has documented widespread human rights violations in China.An estimated 500,000 people are currently enduring punitive detention without charge or trial, and millions are unable to access the legal system to seek redress for their grievances.

Harassment, surveillance, house arrest, and imprisonment of human rights defenders are on the rise, and censorship of the Internet and other media has grown.

Repression of minority groups, including Tibetans, Uighurs and Mongolians, and of Falun Gong practitioners and Christians who practice their religion outside state-sanctioned churches continues.While the recent reinstatement of Supreme People's Court review of death penalty cases may result in lower numbers of executions, China remains the leading executioner in the world.

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Although China outlawed torture in 1996, human rights groups say brutality and degradation are common in Chinese arbitrary detention centres which utilise re-education through labour methods and in CPC-operated black jails, which allegedly utilise brutal torture methods.The Communist party and other authorities of the PRC strongly deny facilitating the operation of black jails.[citation needed]

In May 2010, the PRC authorities officially passed new regulations in an attempt to nullify evidence gathered through violence or intimidation in their official judicial procedures, and to reduce the level of torture administered to prisoners already in jails.

Little is known, however, about whether or how procedures were modified in black jails, which are not officially part of the judicial system.

The move came after a public outcry following the revelation that a farmer, convicted for murder based on his confession under torture, was in fact innocent.The case came to light only when his alleged victim was found alive, after the defendant had spent ten years in prison.[131] International human rights groups gave the change a cautious welcome.[132]

London, England, United Kingdom #810534

At least four people have been considered wrongfully executed by PRC courts.

Wei Qingan (Chinese: 魏清安, circa 1951 – 1984) was a Chinese citizen who was executed for the rape of Liu, a woman who had disappeared.The execution was carried out on 3 May 1984 by the Intermediate People's Court.

In the next month, Tian Yuxiu (田玉修) was arrested and admitted that he had committed the rape. Three years later, Wei was officially declared innocent.[128]

Teng Xingshan (Chinese: 滕兴善, ? – 1989) was a Chinese citizen who was executed for having raped, robbed and murdered Shi Xiaorong (石小荣), a woman who had disappeared. An old man found a dismembered body, and incompetent police forensics claimed to have matched the body to the photo of the missing Shi Xiaorong.

The execution was carried out on 28 January 1989 by the Huaihua Intermediate People's Court. In 1993, the missing woman returned to the village, saying she had been kidnapped to Shandong. The absolute innocence of the wrongfully executed Teng was not admitted until 2005.[129]

Nie Shubin (Chinese: 聂树斌, 1974 – 1995) was a Chinese citizen who was executed for the rape and murder of Kang Juhua (康菊花), a woman in her thirties. The execution was carried out on 27 April 1995 by the Shijiazhuang Intermediate People's Court.

In 2005, ten years after the execution, Wang Shujin (Chinese: 王书金) admitted to the police that he had committed the murder.[130]

Qoγsiletu (Chinese: 呼格吉勒图, 1977 –...

Show more

The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, commonly known as the June Fourth Incident (六四事件) or more accurately '89 Democracy Movement (八九民运) in Chinese,[2] were student-led popular demonstrations in Beijing which took place in the spring of 1989 and received broad support from city residents, exposing deep splits within China's political leadership. The protests were forcibly suppressed by hardline leaders who ordered the military to enforce martial law in the country's capital.[3][4] The crackdown that initiated on June 3–4 became known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre or the June 4 Massacre as troops with assault rifles and tanks inflicted casualties on unarmed civilians trying to block the military's advance towards Tiananmen Square in the heart of Beijing, which student demonstrators had occupied for seven weeks. The scale of military mobilization and the resulting bloodshed were unprecedented in the history of Beijing, a city with a rich tradition of popular protests in the 20th century.[5]


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Shanghai, Shanghai, China #806293

There are some good guys out there in Shanghai. Avoid firms like Devere, Monpellier, Bluestar AMG and others discussed in this thread. There is too much miss-selling in the Shanghai market.

to Anonymous Bournemouth, Bournemouth, United Kingdom #1078379

The product tells you if the advice is good nothing else. If its an insurance scheme or mutual fund its not Google or Facebook stock. You can buy a stock at low cost.


@Jimmy Savile Bluestar AMG just another bunch of cold calling *** men.


This is pretty desperate even by Gary’s standards.First he gets accused of something, which happens to be true but can reasonably deny it on the basis that the accusers however credible are anonymous.

Then, enter a named individual who exposes you for the low-life you are and your answer is a pathetic deflection attempt.How very sad.

to Ex Colleague Brussels, Brussels, Belgium #848329

Andrew your card is marked.


I found this page from searching Bluestar AMG in Shanghai, I am looking for information about James Sutherland and Mark Matlaszek whom I have made investments with and now beginning to feel that i have fallen victim to this scam.


No Gary, that came much later.The official reason in my email was it was easier to have one adviser handle everything.

In truth, I was disappointed with the performance as well and I am still paying for it 3 years later with one fund now worth 136 pounds.The original investment was 5,000 pounds.


Dear Peter, If I remember correctly you became an investor into another competitors brokerage Blue Star AMG.I also found out who made the false claims against me and they have been dismissed as it was another IFA.

I assure you it helps nobody in the industry to create any negativity due to jealousy. On this case it was a washed up alcoholic who did not like the idea I was going on vacation for a month, when they cannot afford a round of drinks. The post was timed to the day I left on vacation with my wife. This is no great issue for me as my clients know the service and terms which they receive.

To reiterate I believe this post was not just negative against me but the industry as a whole and it was a fictional example of a worst case scenario. Further to this I never worked for DeVere.

Best wishes Mr.Li, Regards, Gary Holloway


Not strictly true Gary, I ended our relationship in April 2009.


If anyone would like to put their name forward to these allegations please do so. You can contact me on


This is a pack of lies and if anyone wants to come forward and accuse me to my face I will take the necessary legal action to defend my name.

I have received no complaint and am not aware of any complaints made to my company.

Further to this I have not lost any clients in the last 5 years.All I can say someone is attempting to blacken my name.

Gary Holloway


I met this guy a few years back in the big Bamboo in Shanghai - instant dislike.

The guy who introduced us had worked with him in the past, the exact words he used were, "extremely dishonest and incredibly inept" Apparently he has no clue about finance and no qualifications beyond failing his O'Levels at 16. I was told he also had gambling problem.

The same friend said he had begged another friend not to do business with him a year prior, but he didn't listen. The "skillful" Gary apparently decimated his portfolio with losses in excess of 70%.

Absolute ***.


Their offices are actually in the Wise Logic building on Shanxi lu. The Plaza 66 and now Wheelock offices are just pay as you go for face saving during meetings


Thanks a lot for the heads up Robin, unfortunately he has just done this to me very, very recently but he gave me some *** about the fund under performing and we need to get the money out. Also not to worry as the new fund will make bake my losses.

He will be hearing from my lawyer soon and I WILL sue him and Montpelier for negligent/fraudulent advice.

there office is at 2501 Wheelock Square, Nanjing road x Huashan road now. They were thrown out of Plaza66?????????????


plaza 66, nanjing lu


he works for montpellier financial advisors.


I know him, he is a cheap sort of a guy, oily and untrusworthy.Hes been in shanghai for years doing this, I cant beleive he hasn't been thrown out of china cos his work is illegal.

know some of his victims, he always has *** reasons for why you lose your money whilst his hand is in your back pocket stealin it.what goes round comes around!!

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